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The Benefits of Condensed Bone Broth During Pregnancy and For New mothers

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The benefits of real bone broth and the nutrient dense bone broth gelatine concentrate Best of the Bone – and by real we’re referring to an “extract” made from bones and cartilage and simmered for 16 or more hours to extract the best of the bone – is becoming well known. Studies are showing improvement from joint health to diabetes to the sick to those looking to lose weight. But it can be especially beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Bone Broth Nourishes Pregnancy and New Mothers because:

It is extremely rich in minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

These minerals are essential for your baby to build strong, healthy bones. The minerals must be obtained from your diet or they will be “borrowed” right out of your bones for your baby. This can lead to early on-set of osteoporosis. Which, in case you were wondering, is not good.

In such cases the mothers’ bone density was lowered because the minerals that make bones strong were taken from them and given to their babies in utero. This shows that consuming mineral rich foods like bone broth aren’t just important for building your baby's bones, but also keeps your own stores from becoming depleted.

The body absorbs the minerals found in bone broth very easily (even more so then from supplements) and it’s a great source of dairy free calcium. Mothers should continue eating bone broth soups or sauces made from the bones while breastfeeding to produce calcium rich milk and help replete loss of bone density.

Bone extract or bone borth is very rich in gelatin and collagen.

Real bone broth you’ll notice when cooled will develop a layer upon the top – this is from the gelatin. Gelatin contains collagen, which has been referred to a “beauty nutrient” because it helps fingernails and hair to grow long and strong. It also helps tighten loose skin.

Additionally, these nutrients are key in supporting joints and connective tissue, and they help to make up cartilage and bone.

Joint Health - It also contains critical joint nutrients.

 Including glucosamine and chondroitin. These are among two of the most important nutrients for joint care. They will they assist your baby’s formative years of joint formation and growth and also support a mother’s joints during pregnancy.  

Weight gain puts stress on a mother’s joints. One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is joint pain, including stiffness and soreness in the hips, elbows, knees, etc.) With stiffness, soreness or pain in the places your body bends (hips, knees, elbows, fingers and more). Drinking bone broth or using it in your recipes will strengthen joints and relieve pain (it is, after all, also an anti-inflammatory).

Great source of amino acids and proteins – including arinine, glycine, proline and glutamine.

Protein requirements in pregnancy increase by about 25 grams and even more so for breastfeeding moms. The amino acids in bone broth perform a wide variety of functions including: boosting the immune system, improving digestion, fighting inflammation, promoting sleep and calming the mind.

A Nausea Remedy

When “morning sickness” hits in the earlier stages of pregnancy bone broth is soothing and nutrient dense. It is very easy to digest, and often calms the stomach very quickly.

Try Best of the Bone for the most nutrient rich bone broth concentrate.  A living, rich gelatine that you can add to hot water for your own broth or add to your own dishes and soups to increase the nutrient value and to make your meals more easily digestible.

How to Make Bone Broth 

You can make your own bone broth by tracking down grass fed, pasture-raised bone. That part is important – most cows are raised in unhealthy confined factory conditions and are fed unhealthy diets that include antibiotics and hormones. These are definite no-no’s for mothers (and should be for everyone). Healthy ingredients equal healthy foods. With your bones you can simmer them for 14-20 hours and add vinegar to help extract. Or, easier still, buy a jar of Best of the Bone – made with grass-fed cattle – and using all of the bone extract (and it is highly concentrated!). Just add a tablespoon to a hot mug and some vegetables (I like onions, garlic, carrots) and herbs or spices and you have a quick 1-2 minute meal.


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