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Bone B-Q Sauces

Introducing the richest, full-bodied slow-cooked BBQ sauces using slow-cooked, grass-fed and finished Best of the Bone broths.  We call them Bone-B-Q.  Traditional sauces & gravies were often made from the stock & marrow-fats of slow-cooked bones. The result was a richer, creamier and vastly more nutritious sauce.  Taste the difference.  Makes your dishes delicious and nutritious.  Available in medium and mild spice (made with fresh jalapeno) and all natural, organic ingredients.  No fillers.  All real food sources blended with the collagen-rich, nutrient-dense Best of the Bone broth - which is why we call it "Bone-B-Q" sauce.   Great with slow-cooked chicken, beef, pork, lamb or simply as a sauce to add to soups, salads, casseroles, eggs.  Its very tasty : )

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