Golden coconut turmeric broth – Best of the Bone
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Golden coconut turmeric Best of the Bone broth

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This is a rich, healing broth that features plenty of fresh ingredients (see below).

Best of the Bone for a golden bone broth soup

Of course it all starts with some bone broth - in this case turmeric, ginger, black pepper Best of the Bone.   The whole of the organic turmeric root is used - which provides more benefits than just the famed turmeric ingredient curcumin.  Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and is loaded with immune-boosting benefits.   Its also:

And the whole of the turmeric and its benefits are absorbed at much greater levels thanks to the healthy fats of the bone broth - Best of the Bone is loaded with essential fatty acids/healthy fats courtesy in part to being certified grass-fed. 

To enjoy the full benefits of the Best of the Bone organic turmeric-ginger and black pepper this golden coconut soup is a rich, filling and exotic dish.


  • fresh lime: squeeze a half a juice lime.
  • desiccated coconut/diced coconut: 30 grams (1/4 cup).
  • coconut yoghurt: 1/4 cup (use greek yoghurt if no coconut yoghurt is available)
  • 3 heaping tablespoons of Best of the Bone organic turmeric-ginger-black pepper
  • chopped/diced 1/4 cup onion
  • chopped 1/4 cup fresh tomato (note: if you have problems with nightshades by all means substitute some asparagus or broccoli) 
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil



Put into a pan and warm the olive oil, onions, and tomato.  Add water.  Add coconut and stir for 30-60 seconds.  Add Best of the Bone and stir.  Turn off heat - stir in yoghurt and finish with a nice big squeeze of lime.  Add some cracked pepper.  Serves two.  

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