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Bone Broth for a Superstar Athlete

Posted by Corey Chandler on

The Daily Reanimation of Kobe Bryant

ESPN The Magazine - Baxter Holmes ESPN Staff Writer

NO ATHLETE AGES well. Time always wins, all too quickly, and injuries and wear and tear expedite fate. . . . . .

THE GROUP EFFORT to push Kobe Bryant to the court this season is done for reasons that are far more complicated than they first appear.

It all begins with a dedicated army of physical therapists, massage therapists and trainers that battles daily to keep him upright with methods both high-tech and low-grade. A mini jackhammer known as the Raptor, which came on the market in December 2015, is used to blast through Bryant's scar tissue at 3,600 percussions per minute, to shake his muscles awake. A vibrating foam roller known as the Vyper, first available in 2014, helps his sore muscles relax. Before every game, a soup made from bone broth rebuilds his battered joint surfaces. . . . . muscle and tissue recovery.

This is a brief extract from a story that appears in ESPN The Magazine's February 29 NBA Body Analytics Issue.

Athletes know Best of the Bone improves joint health!

100% Beef Bone concentrate - from grass-fed, pastured cattle.

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