Six tasty ways to add Best of the Bone benefits into their diet
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Six tasty ways to add Best of the Bone benefits into their diet

Posted by Doctor Lucas on

Children (and certain adults) are often unwilling, or, shall we say, difficult to convince to try new things - especially if those things are GOOD for them. Our Best of the Bone is packed with collagen that is critical for you and your family's bone, joint and gut health.  

Bone broth benefits have been clinically proven to improve conditions related to arthritis, leaky gut, arthritis, diabetes and much more.  Furthermore, it helps develop strong bones and muscles.  In part because our bones and muscles are comprised of the collagen and glycosaminoglycans that are essential to joint health (and promote human growth hormone). So how to get these monumental benefits into the diet of those harder to convince?

  1. Add a few spoonfuls into a spaghetti sauce - it makes the sauce richer, almost as if you've added cream. 
  2. Try it as a sweet treat, in paleo chocolate chip cookies or even paleo brownies (try this recipe)
  3. A gravy can add flavour to potatoes, vegetables and meats. Use Best of the Bone or your own homemade broth as a base - it will include the healthy fats needed for a classic pan gravy as well as the flavour without the need to cook a "roast" - try this recipe:
  4. Use it as a base for a soup, chicken noodle, mushroom, or try this: chicken Best of the Bone soup
  5. Add a little bit to a smoothie - half a teaspoon is still providing collagen and nutritional goodies that are helping the body to absorb the micronutrients of the fruit or veggies in the smoothie.
  6. Pancakes - yum. Add a Best of the Bone spoonful to some buckwheat blueberry pancake mix.
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