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Healthy Fats Are Critical - Bad Fats Can Make You Critical (condition)

Posted by Jessica Brown CA, ND on

Old research is resurfacing and new research is validating what nature has whispered to us throughout time - we don't make bad fats, but you do.  As in the  natural oils, nuts, naturally-raised meats and broths vs highly processed foods and oils.  

Some good fat examples include coconut, avocado and extra-virgin olive oil, wild fish, grass-fed beef and pastured eggs and bone broth.  Unhealthy fats are that way because of chemical instability often resulting in rancid produces, transfats, and unnaturally skewed omega 3-6 ratios (i.e., omegas also known as essential fatty acids are not so essential when you have only omega 6 but no 3 or 9).  Other unhealthy fats are due to heat, chemical extraction, bleaching, deodorising or in general over processing.  Some of these examples include canola, soy, and corn oil.  So-called "vegetable oils" and most big brand salad dressings.  In fact, canola oils are often used to pack otherwise healthy products so check the ingredients.  These oils are all highly processed and contain transfats.  Transfats are linked to dementia, inflammation, weight gain, and early death.  

On the other hand, the healthy, essential fats have been linked to improved cognitive function, reversal of fatigue-related syndromes, improved and even reversal of Type 2 diabetes, weight loss and more.  "Diets based in healthy animal fats and the science behind the immense benefits of healthy fats - from low dementia rates, lack of diabetes, healthy digestion, virtually no obesity," Nourishing Fats: Why We Need Animal Fats for Health and Happiness"  Sally Fallon Morrell. 

Medical research out of the University of Michigan also found that the fat derived from grass-fed bone marrow may have additionally significant health benefits.     "We found cooked beef bone marrow is a significant source of the hormone adiponectin, which helps maintain insulin sensitivity, break down fat, and has been linked to decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity and associated cancers."

One of the most complete healthy fats, with conjugated linoleic acid, the benefits of bone marrow - try grass fed bone broth, the real stuff and the highest in marrow and collagen is Best of the Bone.  Food for thought!

 Best of the Bone broth soup


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