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Beauty in a Bottle

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Best of the Bone Italian Herbs & Garlic

Nutrition and its association with skin as well as the youth preservation of that skin has been a topic of research for scientists dating back to B.C. with Hippocrates.  

Skin is our largest organ and what protects us from the elements.  But what protects our skin.  The benefits of nutrition and diet on skin health is well documented.  Some nutritional elements gained from foods that are linked to combatting dermal ageing include vitamins such as C and E and minerals such as sulfur to magnesium.  An essential element for to combat dermal aging and that cannot be produced by your body but only by food are Essential Fatty Acids.  Essential Fatty Acids are are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids derived from linoleum, linolenuc and oleic acids.  These can be found in fatty fishes (e.g., wild-caught salmon and tuna), shellfish, flaxseed, pumpkin and chia seeds, avocados and #grassfed butter and bone broth.  Higher linoleic acid intakes are associated with a lower likelihood of skin atrophy (source: Dietary nutrient intakes and skin-aging appearance among middle-aged American women. Am J Clin Nutr. 2007;86:1225–31.).  NOTE: not all bone broths have significant linoleum acid or essential fatty acids in part because they may be denatured powders or gelatine that are cooked at extreme heat and are not grass-fed or broths not cooked long enough to extract the healthy fats from the marrow

Another important element that is found in the body and in a very few foods is collagen.  Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body.  And our body produces collagen protein in conjunction with support from amino acids and hormones (including oestrogen/estrogen). However, with aging and exposure to the elements collagen is broken down resulting in skin and tissue damage (including tissue related to gut health).  Additionally, our bodies are able to produce less of the collagen as we age.  This is where nutrition and diet can also come into play.  As an example, bone broths can be very high in collagen and have been shown to increase skin elasticity (statistically significant increase in as little as 2-4 weeks) and skin elasticity improvement means healthier, less-wrinkled skin.

There is a dual benefit to a dietary intake of collagen.  Its been shown that an increase in collagen intake also improves the body's current collagen structure.  Real bone broth will have healthy fats - essential fatty acids that also increase your body's absorption of micronutrients.  Improving your overall health which also translates to skin health.  

There are also several spices/herbs that are beneficial to skin health.  Whole turmeric and one of its active ingredient cur curcumin are beneficial to skin health (and to improving conditions of inflammation) - and with Best of the Bone with organic turmeric-ginger-black pepper one is getting the essential fatty acids, minerals, and collagen for vital skin health.  For glowing and healthy skin - drink up!


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