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The Osteoarthritis Epidemic

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If you’re over 35 there is a 50% chance you may have begun to experience this.   50% of active sports people have experienced this.   70% of all people over 60 have some form of this.

Osteoarthritis is the eighth most common cause of disability worldwide. In the USA it is first.   As a result of the “osteoarthritis” epidemic joint replacement surgery is one of the fastest growth industries in the developed world – doubling every two years since 2008 – primarily hip, wrist and knee replacement.

What is osteoarthritis and how can you beat it?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition, characterized by a reduction in bone mass density, that mostly affects the hands, spine and joints such as hips, knees and ankles, and usually gets worse over time.

Normally healthy cartilage allows bones to glide over one another and helps absorb the shock of physical movement. In osteoarthritis the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones in the joints begins to break down and wear away, causing the bones to rub together, creating pain, swelling and loss of motion.

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain, stiffness and limited joint movement. At first pain is felt during and after activity, but as the condition worsens pain may be felt during minor movements or even at rest. Affected joints may become enlarged and tender, leading to difficulty in performing everyday activities.

How to Beat Osteo

  • Many clinical and pre-clinical studies confirmed that the daily consumption of hydrolysed collagen, or pre-hydrolysed (gelatin collagen via bone extract) has a regenerative and preventive effect on joint cartilage. This is due to a natural stimulation of cells to produce more cartilage mass.
  • The daily intake of 10 g of collagen, specifically in bone extract (again such as Best of the Bone) can lead to a significant increase in bone mass measurable in only two weeks, and a reduction in the number of fractures for osteoporosis sufferers. This effect has been demonstrated repeatedly in scientific research.  

Note: A tasty way to consume 10-15 grams (a tablespoon) of collagen is via Best of the Bone, which makes a delicious broth with hot water and some vegetables and herbs.  


  • Pain reduction
  • Reduction of consumption of analgesics
  • Improvement in physical joint function


Get your Best of the Bone - beef bone gelatin, collagen protein today.  Great for broths and gravies.

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