“Best of the Bone” Beef Bone Gelatine vs Bone Broth?
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“Best of the Bone” Beef Bone Gelatine vs Bone Broth?

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What is “Best of the Bone” and is it like Broth?

The first thing you'll notice when you open a jar of Best of the Bone is the dark brown, rich gelatin or gelatine.  This is truly the best elements of the bone - not broth but a gelatin that is more than 50% collagen protein and composed of 18 amino acids.  Both are amongst the highest of any food on the planet.  

Broth, which is made by adding water and and usually chicken or beef bones and simmering it ideally for eight or more hours has collagen protein and amino acids but at a much lower, less concentrated level than a purer gelatine from the bone (e.g., Best of the Bone).  Best of the Bone is composed primarily of the gelatine aspect of the broth making, while some broths remove the gelatin (a shame as it has so many nutritional goodies).

"Best of the Bone" is made from a process that takes all of the leg bone and thus also gets the highest bone marrow content. Studies have shown that this stimulates an increase in both your red and blood cell production.  Think immune system and oxygen delivery throughout the body.

Quality broths as well as Best of the Bone will use bones from hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass-fed cattle.  

Without protein there would be no human life. Other nutrients, such as fats and carbohydrates, can replace each other in the human metabolism over long periods. But people need protein every day. The natural foodstuff gelatine is therefore of inestimable value to the human organism.




Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. The human body is capable of making all the proteins it needs from amino acids. However, there are nine amino acids that the body cannot produce itself and therefore have to be regularly consumed in the diet. They are called essential amino acids. Gelatine contains a total of 18 amino acids, including eight out of the nine essential amino acids.  Best of the Bone is comprised almost entirely of gelatine, specifically collagen protein.





The body needs amino acids to maintain its immune system, replace tissue, build up hormones and enzymes, transport oxygen and fats in the body and transmit nerve im-pulses. Nothing works without proteins. The dominating protein in the human body is collagen represented in all collagenous tissues like skin, bones, joint cartilage etc. As an example 70 percent of joint cartilage consists of collagen, further 25 percent of proteoglycans.  

Collagen is a high-quality protein -- and it is highest in the beef bone gelatin. It is made of the same pure materials as gelatine. Beef bone gelatin collagen and/or hydrolysed collagen is rich in such amino acids as proline, glycine, alanine, and arginine. These essential amino acids strengthen the immune system by helping to form antibodies, regulate oxygen output, and help to support the health of joints, bones and skin. Thus being an important source of protein, beef bone gelatin collagen is also essential for protein-rich diets and sports nutrition. Collagen rich girl

Bone broth is a superfood when prepared right and if the gelatine is not removed or skimmed.  The Best of the Bone gelatin/collagen protein is just that much more potent in terms of collagen and amino acids.  And you add your own herbs, spices and vegatables to make it a delicious meal.

Make sure you get your Best of the Bone for joint and muscle health, to combat arthritis and osteoporosis, to embolden your immune system to withstand illness, and for beautiful hair and skin.  


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