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Bone Broth - The Traditional meets the Adventurous

Posted by Corey Chandler on

Best of the Bone broths for cocktails and cooking!

Maybe you're not a traditionalist and are always looking for something new.  Or even if you are a traditionalist,  maybe you like to be a little adventurous with your food and drink.  Well, the "broth" world has plenty of ideas for you.

From a traditional perspective for hundreds of years bone broth has been considered a restorative.  In 18th century France, inns sold bowls of broths or “restoratives” for travellers (the French restorative morphed into the term restaurant).  The "elite" travelled with their own broth gelatins.  Today nutritionists and naturopaths espouse broth for immunity boosting and joint health benefits.  The GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome) Diet is founded on the science that links learning disabilities, autoimmune-related issues and even depression to digestive health.  And broth is considered step one as a GAPS diet gut health restorative.

Beauty experts have been on the collagen cream bandwagon for years but now preach that the collagen, minerals and amino acids found in bone broth are a more complete beauty "secret".  And, we'd add, tastes a lot better than botox.  

But all of these health benefits and uses are, shall we say, traditional.  For the non-traditional we see the savoury broth has become a base for many a creative cocktail.  

At the L.A. Italian restaurant Pistola they concocted a slow-cooked broth with 15 year old scotch added at the end of the cooking process.  We assume the scotch was aged longer than the broth.  In Portland the JoLa cafe adds extras such as citrus zest , grated ginger and vodka.  In Dallas the Midnight Rambler has the "Pho-King Champ" - made with vodka, oloroso sherry, lime juice and beef broth infused with roasted ginger, anise green, black cardamon Sriracha and hoisin.  Midnight Rambler owner said of the cocktail, "our guests love that fact that its unexpected - a savoury instead of the usual sweet cocktails".

There is a "traditional" savoury broth cocktail -  the Bullshot was around in the 1950s - a Bloody Mary with beef broth.  It was born from a need to stay warm and active.  The broth providing the "active" energy boost.

From Sydney to NY you can find cafes and health food shops selling broth for $8 a serving.  At that price why not get creative.  And who could be more creative than IBM's Watson supercomputer.  The Culinary Institute of Education teamed-up with "Watson" to create a red wine and steak brothtail.  

Watson also suggested the "Hoof-N-Honey Ale" broth cocktail.  A beef broth stock with honey and beer.   I was wondering why we haven't heard much from Watson lately.  Now we know.   

We usually recommend broth for its health and even cooking credentials.  If you're feeling adventurous - why not try a cocktail or cocktail.  Whether its for cocktails or cooking we recommend Best of the Bone healing broths.  Slow cooked for 48 hours to ensure the full marrow flavour and benefits and well under $1 per serving.  Enjoy.

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