The Body of Research is Conclusive - Broth and its Gelatin are Very GO – Best of the Bone
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The Body of Research is Conclusive - Broth and its Gelatin are Very GOOD. And Best of the Bone even better.

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Research on bone broth and/or its ingredients can be traced back to the early 1900s. The entirety of these studies and research is rather conclusive that the benefits of broths or gelatins in your diet provide:

  • increased skin elasticity;
  • improved bone health and density;
  • increased lean muscle mass;
  • joint and tendon health revitalisation,
  • improved gut health as related to issues such as colitis, leaky gut syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome;
  • liver detoxification;
  • weight loss.

For example, bone broth is often recommended for detox programs. One biochemical rationale is the liver uses glycine when detoxifying. The liver’s ability to detox is limited by the amount of glycine available. Glycine is a component of gelatin and gelatin is present in abundance in bone broth. The glycine levels in Best of the Bone are very high.

Another benefit related to gut health is the impact on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  IBS is inflammation of the mucus membrane of the intestinal tract. IBS is a painful and debilitating condition becoming all-to-common due to the results of processed food diets and lifestyle. Gelatin from natural bone broth lines the mucous membrane of the intestinal tract and protects it against further injury.  With a proper diet including the gelatin (found in abundance, by the way, in Best of the Bone), over time the body then has a chance to heal the damage and thus settle the inflammation.

Another health issue on the rise and can go unnoticed until the damage is done is the ability to produce enough stomach acid. Again, this malady can be a result of improper diet and lifestyle.  The inability of the body to produce enough stomach acid means your ability to digest protein will be an issue. Vitamin C absorption will also be reduced, B Vitamins will be destroyed and minerals will be prevented from reaching the blood. Over time, anemia and crumbling bones can develop. GLYCINE enhances gastric acid secretion - thus preventing these issues from developing. It also benefits those suffering from acid reflux. 

The conclusion is that incorporating bone broth into you diet on a regular basis can’t hurt, and likely helps a great deal. In the case of Best of the Bone you don’t need to made a 20 hour pot of broth and you can even add a teaspoon to other soups, rice dishes, sauces, etc. and get the benefits of the most nutrient dense broth available.

Be consistent and the improvements and benefits will come.




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