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7 Reasons to Feed Your Pet Bone Broth - Or Share Yours!

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Since dog time began hounds have been chewing on bones in an attempt to attain the marrow and nutrients locked within those bones.   Unfortunately poultry bones can be a pet hazard and big beef bones, whilst good for your dogs teeth, may be just a bit much for them to get their mouth around.  If simmered into a broth the nutrients from those bones serve up a rich nutritional feast.

Bone broth for humans has a long health history—the stories about bone soup’s healing powers stem from its power to aid in reducing cold symptoms,  preventing cell inflammation,  and providing restorative nutrition to the infirmed.  And what's good for you, in this case, is equally if not even better for your dog.  

A home-made broth from a roasted chicken or beef or lamb shanks can be a huge boost for the health of your pets (OR YOU!).  The broth provides a natural source of collagen protein - the protein type used  most by your body for bones, tissue (from internal tissue to skin), muscle and joint health   Broth also provides a plethora of amino acids that your dog uses for joint health and even liver detoxification.  Because its slow-cooked for more than two days, Best of the Bone for Dogs provides the richest collagen and marrow content available - nearly 40% collagen protein (critical for bone, joint, and skin health) and rich in minerals, healthy fats and amino acids vital for energy and health.   Benefits for your dog include:

1)  Detoxifying his liver: Your dog is rolling around on the carpet, burrowing its nose into the grass and weeds.  The everyday activities of your dog leave it more apt to be exposed to toxins, be it from carpet fibers, pesticides, flea collars or cleaning products.  These toxins burden the liver.  Bone broth delivers lots of glycine, the amino acid needed by the liver to clear out all the toxins..

2)  Boosting his digestive tract: Collagen helps strengthen the intestinal lining so bacteria from undigested food doesn’t seep into the bloodstream.  And your dog chews on a lot of things.  His/her digestive system can use all of the help it can get.

3)  Strengthening his immune system: Bone marrow from the broth helps to boost red and white blood cell growth and activity, which helps carry oxygen to the body’s cells, bolstering the immune system’s ability to battle illnesses.

4)  Helping joints: Hounds with arthritis or other joint issues benefit greatly from bone broth’s easily-absorbed minerals, including magnesium and glucosamine.  Many dogs develop hip issues in later years, but the cartilage easily absorbed from the broth provides needed support and joint lubrication.

5)  Keeping bones healthy: Bone broth is rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which is crucial for maintaining and healing bones and teeth, and for generating energy. 

6)  Boosting nutrition, juicing poor appetites: For dogs with food sensitivities, or senior dogs whose appetites lag, bone broth’s taste and ease of digestion invites them to chow down.

7)  Increase Bone Strength:  Young puppies need proper nutrition to build their bones and older dogs, just as with humans, see their bone strength and density decrease with time.  Best of the Bone for Dogs is made up of a bone broth concentrate that is a thick gelatin - this gelatin has shown in two university studies to significantly increase bone density within 3-4 weeks of eating once a day.  

Making bone broth is easy but time-consuming, so include patience in your recipe. If you don't want to stand-over a simmering stovetop for 20 hours you can simply add a bit of warm water to a teaspoon of Best of the Bone for Dogs and pour over dry dog food and you've turned a boring, low nutrition meal into an amino acid, collagen protein rich meal that will provide all the benefits mentioned above.  Or, just mix a teaspoon (or more for a big dog) into your dog food.  Your dog will feel better and you'll feel good knowing you are providing the best possible meals for your dogs.  

Here is a little recipe using beef bones or turkey drumsticks (or simplify and use a few tablespoons of Best of the Bone. 

Place bones in pot and cover with water. For each gallon of water, add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, for the natural acids that break down bones to release their minerals. Slice in some carrots for flavor; before adding any other vegetables or seasonings. Make sure all ingredients are dog-safe. You dog may not enjoy onions, scallions, black pepper or garlic like you.  

Simmer on low heat until any remaining meat residue falls off the bones. Remove  meat and vegetables. Let the bones simmer for another 20-24 hours. Y

When cooking time is up, mix in the separated fat. Let broth cool a bit and serve.  Or, simply order your Best of the Bone for Dogs at less than $1 a serving.

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