Multi-COLLAGEN Peptides with RAW ORGANIC CACAO – Best of the Bone
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When you add the best raw, organic cacao we've ever found with Best of the Bone's Multi-Collagen Peptide powder you have a rich, delicious collagen beauty drink that was created to thrill your tastebuds while healing your gut and delivering the highest-bioavailable collagen proteins.

The multiple types of collagen support can improve ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, gut wellness, skin, hair and nails.  

Mix in hot or cold drinks including making a hot cocoa drink with your favourite type of steamed milk or add to smoothies, teas, morning coffee and great in baked goods.  No need to feel guilty as there is no sugar (yet this raw cacao is so rich in flavour and not bitter).

Collagen peptides have been shown to support:

  • Skin beauty- increased skin elasticity and youthful skin.
  • Bone density
  • Tissue health
  • Muscle development
  • Gut health including conditions of leaky gut, IBS, IBD and related digestive conditions.
  • Immune support
  • Joint and tendon health

 Why Best of the Bone Multi-Collagen Powder?

Collagen is the most abundant and vital protein in the human body.  Collagen forms the structure for your skin, hair, tissue (including vascular, connective tissue and intestinal tissue) and even your bone matrix.  Collagen is a key component of cartilage and joint health.  Produced naturally by the body primarily from glycine and proline - two amino acids found in abundance in certain foods (e.g., bone broth) but early in our life and as we age our body does not produce as much collagen.  Supplementing collagen can be beneficial for bone development (nearly 80% of our bone matrix is comprised of collagen), bone health, joint health and, of course, skin health including increasing skin elasticity.

A healthy form of collagen - Multi-Collagen hydrolyzed collagen peptide powder from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows.

How will collagen help? When you turn 20 your body loses approximately 1% of its collagen per year.  Collagen is vital for skin elasticity - without it we begin to see lines on our face and then more pronounced wrinkles.  Our joints can become achy.  We are more susceptible to digestive issues.  If you cut yourself, you'll notice it takes longer to heal as we age.  That's collagen depletion.  Best of the Bone multi-collagen is designed to address collagen depletion.⁣⁣

How much collagen do I need to take? 5 grams per day of hydrolyzed collagen will help support overall health. However, 10+grams - or two servings per day of Best of the Bone collagen powder - will address inflammatory issues such as joint pain and gut health-related issues.  You will notice radiant skin and thicker hair more quickly as well.

Collagen is a critical essential protein that plays a vital role in your overall health, gut health and immune system as well as your appearance.

The extraordinary sweetener thaumatin is used at less than .1% (less than a tenth of one percent).  Thaumatin is a natural sweetener extracted from the Katemfe fruit found only in West Africa.  Thaumatin is very low on the glycemic index - with virtually no calories or carbs - in fact, it is a protein.  It has been measured at nearly 3,000 times sweeter than sugar - hence such a miniscule amount is used.

210 GRAMS per Unit = 42 serves.

INGEDIENTS: hydrolysed bovine bone and hide collagen.  Raw cacao.    A minute amount of the natural protein sweetener thaumatin, extracted from the African katemfe fruit.  NO FILLERS.  NO DAIRY.  NO PRESERVATIVES OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS OR COLOURS.

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