Best of the Bone Multi-Collagen Peptides with PROBIOTIC Spores 210g.
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Best of the Bone Multi-Collagen Peptides with PROBIOTIC Spores 210g.

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Multi-Collagen peptide powder with Probiotic Spores

1 billion CFU per 10g serve. (Flavour free).

Combining bio-available 99% collagen protein peptide powders  with a stable spore-forming probiotic that is THE only probiotic that survives harsh conditions including pasteurization, heat cooking, hot coffee as well as the journey through the digestive system.  Backed by over 25 published papers, research shows GanedenBC30 probiotic used in our Multi-Collagen helps support digestive health, immune health, and supports protein utilisation.  That's correct, it supports the body's uptake of Best of the Bone multi-collagen powder.  The ideal complement for collagen protein. 

Important to note that this is a unique, patented spore probiotic that survives the digestive process into the small intestine.  This probiotic does NOT degrade in foods or on the shelf as nearly all other powdered probiotics and tablets do.

Our Multi-Collagen peptides provide seven types of collagen and all essential and non-essential amino acids.   Collagen is the building block protein of tissue, including our vascular and digestive tissue, skin, hair, nails, and critical for joint health.  Collagen is also the foundation for nearly 80% of our bone matrix.  Our ability to produce collagen naturally is effected by age and diet.  We naturally begin producing less starting in our mid-20s.  Collagen is a key nutrient protein for expectant mothers, new mothers, athletes, and as we go through the aging process.  Several recent studies have shown a multi-collagen peptide can have a statistically significant improvement in skin elasticity (meaning fewer noticeable wrinkles) within two weeks.

You can add this Best of the Bone Healing Collagen Peptides with Probiotic Spores to your tea, coffee, smoothies, baking, bone broth or any cooking.  The spore probiotic is a designed to survive heat or cold.  There is NO flavour.  A fine powder.  

Ingredients: grass-fed multi-collagen hydrolysed peptides; Ganaden Probiotic spores (1 billion CFU per serve).  No fillers.  No hormones, gluten, dairy, antibiotics, colours or other artificial additives.  

210 grams - 42 serves per container   A PURE PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA from Best of the Bone    

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