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Best of the Bone BONE-B-Q BBQ SAUCE - MEDIUM SPICE. 250g

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Best of the Bone BONE-B-Q BBQ SAUCE - MEDIUM SPICE. 250g

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Not all bone broths are created equal.  The richest bone broth creates the richest, tastiest BBQ Sauce.  Introducing Best of the Bone's BONE-B-Q sauce.  A full-bodied, delicious (and yes, natural and nutritious) BBQ sauce that will make your cooking better than ever.  Fantastic with steaks, roast chicken or a slow-cooked meats.  Add to a stir-fry. As a sauce for casseroles and salads.  You'll love it in scrambled eggs.  Provides a heavenly addition to ribs, sausages, hamburgers, pulled-pork, sandwiches or add a dash of it to your Best of the Bone broths.   All natural ingredients with just enough jalapeno spice to give it a little kick. 

Traditional sauces and gravies were made from slow-cooked bones extracting the rich, creaminess of the nutrient dense marrow.  The result from using the method was a full-flavoured sauce.  Taste the difference of this traditional method using the highest quality ingredients and more than 20% slow-cooked for more than 48 hours Best of the Bone broth concentrate (a real broth, not a de-natured powder).   Another benefit - a BBQ sauce that is high in collagen, essential fats and nutrients.

Ingredients: Fresh organically grown tomatoes; slow-cooked Best of the Bone broth concentrate (20+%); molasses; vinegar; fresh jalapeno chilli (3%); fresh garlic; worcestershire sauce; sea salt; paprika; yellow mustard seed; pepper.  

Gluten free - Dairy Free - hormone free - antibiotic free.  NO fillers.

250 grams.  Shelf life is one year.  Or three months after opening.  

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