Best of the Bone BONE BUDDIES broth Organic Turmeric-Ginger for Pets.
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Best of the Bone BONE BUDDIES broth Organic Turmeric-Ginger for Pets.

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Best of the Bone BONE BUDDIES broth Organic Turmeric-Ginger for Dogs and Cats.

A REAL PET SUPERFOOD without the grains, sugars, and additives that destroy our beloved pet's digestive health.  Pure, real, thick and collagen-rich bone broth concentrate slow-cooked from grass-fed and finished bones.  Loved by dogs and cats alike.  And why not, Best of the Bone's "Bone Buddies" is loaded with the nutrients that are the building blocks of their health - complete amino acids, collagen protein (the key protein for their bone, joint, skin and fur!) and those healthy, critical fats that mimic the fats in their brain and are a key source of energy for any animal.

  • Essential minerals
  • high protein
  • essential fatty acids
  • glycosaminoglycans (including hyuralonic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin - all vital nutrients for joint, cartilage and skin health).

Best of the Bone has added organic turmeric, organic ginger and a bit of organic pepperine all shown to improve anti-inflammatory conditions.

This is a bone broth high in marrow (where the fats in bone broth come from) and a pillar for gut health diets for animals and humans alike.  

  • Improve bone & joint strength.
  • Reduce joint pain & inflammation. 
  • Improve arthritic conditions.
  • Improve immune systems
  • Heal gut/ digestive health.
  • Improve muscle health.

DIRECTIONS: Add to your pet's usual meal or create a nutritious stew/soup by adding a spoonful of Best of the Bone with warm water to a meat dish. SERVING SIZE: Add a heap teaspoon (10g per serve) with hot water for pets 15kgs or over; one teaspoons 6-8 grams for pets under 15kgs. 

Each jar contains 37 10 gram serves.

INGREDIENTS:  Slow-cooked (48+ hours) grass-fed/finished certified beef bones; organic turmeric; organic ginger; organic black pepper; evaporated sea salt.

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