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TOP Health Benefits of Bone Broth and Why

Posted by Jessica Brown CA, ND on

10 Health Benefits of Bone Broth Infographic


1. Weight Loss and Metabolism Enhancement

Weight loss and boosting metabolism is one of the most desired benefits of bone broth. It works well for ketogenic, paleo, gluten-free, and many other diets. Bone broth provides a huge wallop of micronutrients while keeping calories low and almost no carbohydrates while providing the most efficient fuel for the body - healthy, essential fats. But, there's more to consider than caloric consumption or meal replacement. Bone broth can also enhance weight loss by regulating metabolic function.

Bone broth contains a potent amino acid called glutamine, the precursor to glutathione. Studies show that glutathione plays an essential role in nutrient metabolism. It also boosts antioxidant defense from cancer-causing carcinogens. Improving antioxidant use within the body also enhances cell protection and metabolic output.  Which also improves immune function.

When using bone broth for weight loss, antioxidants are especially crucial. First, they regulate DNA and protein synthesis. Antioxidants also help signal transduction, immune system responses, cytokine production, and gene expressions. These health benefits support optimal function of our body and metabolism.

Weight Loss and MetabolismA glutamine deficiency can make glutathione scarce causing a state of oxidative stress. When oxidative stress occurs, free radicals can damage nearby cells. They can also damage DNA, and our energy-producing power plants (mitochondria). Under these conditions, side effects such as fatigue and memory loss may occur. Muscle and joint pain, weak immunity, headaches, and low visual clarity are also common.

With a glutamine deficiency, stress hormone cortisol can rise as well. Heightened cortisol can lower metabolism, increase inflammation, and further advance oxidative stress. In other words, lack of glutamine can cause a vicious cycle of physical harm. Weight gain and obesity may only be the beginning.

Bone broth’s amino acids have several metabolic roles that enhance diet and weight loss. One function includes boosting the efficiency of nutrient absorption. This benefit helps preserve and repair muscle tissue and improves bone mineral density.

Collagen also contains glycine which helps convert glucose into usable energy. This amino acid helps protect muscle tissue as well. More muscle mass is crucial for burning calories at rest. Arginine, another amino acid in bone broth, benefits nutrient transportation and muscle recovery.

Bone Broth for Cellulite

Many people also take bone broth for cellulite. A lot of mythology exists on various treatments for cellulite. Still, few options address the underlying cause. Cellulite occurs from fibrous tethers in fat tissue. Fluid and toxin buildup and breakdown of elastin and collagen are also contributors. In simpler terms, there is a lack of consistency in the connective tissue. Inconsistent connective tissue creates a dimpled appearance on the skin.

Consuming collagen and amino acid-rich bone broth can help. You’re providing your body with the best natural connective tissue and detox support. Bone broth can tighten your skin and reduce fluid accumulation. It can also flush out toxins to help diminish the appearance of cellulite.

2. Improves Digestive Health & Heals Leaky Gut

A critical health benefit of bone broth is healing leaky gut and supporting healthy digestion. Leaky gut results from a variety of issues related to dietary and environment factors.  One such factor is related to gluten which causes the release of zonulin. Zonulin is a protein that can wreak havoc on the intestinal lining. Toxin build-up, stress, and infections also contribute to intestinal permeability.

Digestion and Leaky GutBone broth is a potent natural leaky gut remedy, as we’ll get to shortly. When you have a leaky gut, the body goes into defense mode. Undigested food particles, microbes and toxins escape through the stomach lining. The immune system categorizes these foreign particles as a pathogenic threat. As a result, your body begins to attack them.  The result can be chronic internal inflammation and autoimmune conditions.

Symptoms of Leaky Gut (Intestinal Hyperpermeability)

Leaky gut may cause a wide variety of adverse reactions on the body. Such side effects include:

  • Chronic diarrhea, bloating, and constipation
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), and gastritis.
  • ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), anxiety, and depression
  • Excessive fatigue, fibromyalgia, and hormonal imbalances
  • Nutritional deficiencies and weakened immune system function
  • Development of various autoimmune diseases. Psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • Gut infections including candida and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Skin problems including acne, rosacea, or eczema
  • Increased cravings for carbohydrates and sugar
  • SIRS (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome)
  • Lingering joint pain and arthritis
  • Memory loss, reduced cognitive function, mental fatigue, and headaches

Gelatin is well-known for its ability to repair the gut lining. It can even help diminish food sensitivities. This health benefit is why many choose bone broth for leaky gut syndrome.

Bone broth consumption also helps maintain good bacteria (probiotics) in the gut. An increase in healthy bacteria stabilizes digestive tract inflammation.

Studies have found that collagen levels are lower in those with gastrointestinal imbalances. Bone broth, especially Best of the Bone which is the highest broth in a variety of collagen protein types and is a rich, living food (not a powder) is an excellent way to restore that missing collagen. Bone broth maintains gut integrity, heals leaky gut, and supports healthy digestion.

3. Helps Detoxify and Cleanse the Body

Using bone broth for detoxification is an efficient way to cleanse the body. The typical western diet is not always balanced. We consume pesticides, toxins, artificial ingredients, preservatives, and dangerous chemicals. Greasy, sugary, and salty snacks take precedence over grass-fed proteins and organic vegetables. The consequences extend far beyond mere feelings of guilt.

Detox CleanseThe body does have natural ways to cleanse and detoxify itself. But, it often struggles to keep up with demand. Overexposure to chemicals and environmental toxins requires extra help. For this reason, a bone broth detox can improve our internal filtration mechanisms.

Bone broth benefits detoxification by helping the digestive system dispose of waste. It does so by supporting the liver’s ability to expel toxins. Also, it maintains tissue integrity and boosts antioxidant efficiency.

Among the electrolytes and amino acids in bone broth are potassium and glycine. These vital substances support liver and cellular detoxification. Magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, glutamine, and glutathione also assist in the detox processes.

Glutathione is a phase II detoxification agent that eliminates fat-soluble compounds. That includes mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. This amino acid can also reduce oxidative stress and improve nutrient absorption. Additionally, magnesium and calcium are excellent over the counter sleep aids. They work well to help normalize restorative rest.  Additionally, bone broth is very high in the amino acids glutamine and glycine, which has been shown in studies to be anti-anxiety and improve sleep quality.  

4. Supports Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

Collagen is the protein responsible for hair, skin, tissue (including gut and blood vessel tissue) and nail health. A rich broth in gelatin (one usually cooked longer such as Best of the Bone) benefits provide an excellent anti-aging effect to remain youthful. The skin ages based upon two multifactorial processes: extrinsic and intrinsic aging. Younger skin retains pliability, elasticity, resilience, and turgor due to superior water retention.

The key molecule involved in our skin’s moisture preservation is hyaluronic acid. Our epithelial and neural tissue contains hyaluronic acid. This compound is vital for maintaining skin health. Bone broth can benefit the body by replenishing our supply of hyaluronic acid.

Hair, Skin, and NailsDermatologists often recommend hyaluronic acid (HA) as a natural anti-aging supplement. It can both heal and rejuvenate the skin. This nutrient contributes to cell proliferation as well. This process balances divisions of cells and cell loss through differentiation. Hyaluronic acid is viral in the skincare industry. This is because it supports healthy aging, cell rejuvenation, and enhances skin firmness.

Collagen benefits skin health by helping form elastin and other skin-supporting compounds. Collagen is also a key component in hair and nail formation. Maintaining collagen integrity reduces wrinkle visibility and other outward signs of aging. It performs this task by repairing connective tissue.

This health benefit is why bone broth can help with cellulite. By replenishing and preserving collagen, you will notice skin moisture and elasticity improvements. You may also experience reductions in transepidermal water loss (dryness and roughness).

As we age, natural levels of collagen begin to decline. The result is facial lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles. Stimulating collagen production can reverse the visible effects of aging, restoring smooth skin.

Glutamine and arginine are amino acids that also contribute to bone broth's benefits. Glutamine supports the growth of fibroblast cells which promote collagen synthesis. Arginine serves as an antioxidant. Together they encourage collagen production and healthy tissue growth.

5. Reduces Arthritis and Joint Pain

Bone broth for joint pain and arthritis is a remarkable natural remedy. Here’s why: Bone broth contains collagen, gelatin, chondroitin sulfate, and glucosamine. These minerals can protect and heal damaged cartilage and connective tissue. Thus, bone broth can help chronic discomfort and lack of mobility.

Arthritis and Joint PainAs we age, our joints and ligaments become less flexible due to collagen depletion. When bone broth simmers, collagen and gelatin seep into the broth. Once consumed, these nutrients go to work on cartilage restoration.

Gelatin mimics a soft cushion allowing bones to glide freely, uninhibited by friction. This benefit of bone broth helps relieve pressure on aging joints. Gelatin helps create impact-resistant shock absorbers (healthy cartilage). Collagen and gelatin collaborate to support bone mineral density and connective tissue.

Chondroitin Sulfate is a crucial structural component of cartilage found in animal joints. This mineral is famous for treating degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis (OA). Chondroitin sulfate can enhance collagen’s shock-absorbing capabilities and block cartilage-degrading enzymes.

Studies show that supplementing chondroitin sulfate augments healthy inflammation response. By reducing inflammation, users notice reductions in joint pain and increased joint flexibility. For arthritis or persistent joint problems, bone broth minimizes the need for painkillers. Chondroitin sulfate also benefits bone strength, skin rejuvenation, cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular health.

Hydrochloride and sulfate are two types of glucosamine that occur in the body. Both are important for maintaining the integrity of cartilage, especially in the knees. Cartilage is the flexible connective tissue between our joints and bones. Under normal conditions, cartilage deteriorates with age. Cartilage degradation increases if you’re an athlete, a weightlifter, or highly active.

Often sold as a joint support supplement, glucosamine is beneficial for collagen preservation. Glucosamine can also reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of osteoarthritis and slow joint deterioration. These health benefits of bone broth for arthritis are a must have if you struggle with joint pain.

6. Enhances Immune System Function

Bone broth benefits immunity by healing and repairing a damaged gut lining (leaky gut). This simple yet important health benefit has a holistic effect on the entire body. Gut health is so vital for wellness that experts sometimes refer to the stomach as the second brain. When things are going well in your digestive tract, it’s a reliable indicator of good health.

Immune System FunctionGastrointestinal (GI) system health stems from bacteria quality in your digestive tract. When you have a leaky gut, the body may detect antigens (foreign bodies). Their detection activates your immune system and instigates local inflammation. Yes, it's a natural response. But, it can kick-start a whole slew of undesirable and potentially life-threatening conditions. For this reason, maintaining gut health in your GI tract is essential to boost immunity.

Bone broth also increases the efficiency of antioxidant use in the body. This bone broth benefit helps gut healing, cell rejuvenation, and nutrient transportation. It also supports healthy weight management and cancer prevention. Lastly, antioxidants improve toxin disposal, muscle recovery, brain function, and blood pressure. These benefits are crucial for developing and maintaining a robust immune system.

7. Lessens Bodily Inflammation and Slows Aging

Bone broth for inflammation is one of the best natural ways to reverse the effects of aging. Aging is a progressive degenerative process and an unavoidable part of life. We all age, but most are unaware that bone broth offers excellent anti-aging benefits.

Inflammation and Anti-AgingControlling inflammation is the best way to remain youthful. Like the benefits of turmeric, bone broth replenishes healthy skin and enhances immunity. Unfortunately, chronic inflammation can cause a wide variety of problems. These include accelerated aging and weakened immune system function. Inflammation also leads to joint pain and arthritis, and development of autoimmune diseases.

The collagen and gelatin content in bone broth benefits the growth and repair of skin. These nutrients also support our muscles and connective tissue. Together, they promote skin growth, fight age-related wrinkles and reduce skin imperfections.

The amino acids and electrolytes support detoxification efforts. Electrolytes also contribute to digestive health, nutrient transportation, and antioxidant defense. These functions are crucial for preventing unwanted immune system flare-ups. In other words, bone broth is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Reducing inflammation is a significant factor in limiting cell death. When inflammation subsides, aging decelerates which improves vitality, joint health, and skin appearance.

8. Boosts Energy and Athletic Performance

Using bone broth for energy is a great way to increase physical and mental vigor. There are many so-called energy supplements on the market. Few have the variety of energy-boosting micronutrients that bone broth contains. Bone broth’s amino acid and mineral content subsidize many metabolic functions. These functions include nutrient transportation and antioxidant efficiency.
Energy and Athletic Performance

  • Glutamine supports energy metabolism by delivering nutrients like nitrogen to fuel our cells.
  • Arginine breaks down nitric oxide, improving blood flow and circulation throughout the body.
  • Phosphorus regulates B vitamins which reduce mental fatigue and enhance physical stamina.
  • Glycine enhances energy levels by helping to convert glucose into usable energy.
  • Magnesium, calcium, and other electrolytes help detox the body. This effect helps maintain efficient mitochondrial production.

The benefits of bone broth on natural energy are extensive. Each nutrient works together to ensure optimal function of energy metabolism. Efficient production of mitochondria is vital for increasing energy levels.

Bone broth also promotes muscle recovery, tissue regeneration, and growth hormone production. Collagen, gelatin, and amino acids are the main contributors to these health benefits. It works by expediting nutrient-rich blood to sore muscles and broken-down tissue. Bone broth enhances muscle preservation and repair for training athletes. The bonus of reduced muscle inflammation further enhances recovery time.

9. Improves Mood and Cognitive Function

Leaky gut and harmful bacteria in the GI tract can lead to the worsening of anxiety and depression. The brain and the digestive tract have a permanent hardwired link. When poor diet compromises the gut lining, it causes mood instability and depression.

Mood and Cognitive FunctionBone broth creates the all-important healthy gut environment. It does this by repairing gut lining, and reducing the negative signals sent to the brain. This health benefit enhances mood and supports optimal cognitive function.

Amino acids also promote brain health through improved blood flow and nutrient delivery. Glutamine is also a well-known precursor to essential neurotransmitters in the brain. Thus, bone broth encourages natural focus, improves memory retention, and promotes mental clarity.

10. Builds Strong Teeth and Bones

We know that bone broth benefits collagen synthesis. Collagen synthesis is one of the most critical functions for strong teeth and bones. Few people would link bone broth to dental health at first glance. But, collagen and gelatin’s effects on teeth and gums are remarkable.

Teeth and BonesStudies found a direct correlation between aging and reductions in natural collagen synthesis. Reduced collagen weakens teeth and slowly deteriorates our joints and bones.

Healthy bone and tissue formation require a constant and adequate supply of nutrients. Does this make you want to reconsider your diet? For most people, the answer is a resounding, yes. Bone broth supplements are a great way to deliver those essential nutrients. These nutrients support your entire body and fuel crucial biological functions.

Bone Broth Benefit Final Thoughts

Bone broth is excellent at normalizing body functions and returning everything to equilibrium. Each health benefit, while impressive in isolation, works together cumulatively. Ultimately, it helps lubricate and repair the human machine.

Bone broth benefits healthy weight loss, immune system health, and inflammation response. It helps digestion and leaky gut, joint pain and arthritis, hair, skin, and nail development. Bone broth improves strong bone formation, mood, and cognitive function. Lastly, it promotes energy, detoxification, anti-aging, and reduces cellulite.

Bone broth is truly nature’s multivitamin. As a society, we lack vital nutrients in our food supply (collagen, gelatin, minerals, amino acids). Making bone broth a part of your diet is the best way to enhance lifespan naturally. 

Remember, not all bone broths are created equal.  Best of the Bone is a true grass-fed slow-cooked bone broth with the intent of extracting the nutrients from the bones and marrow without destruction fo extreme heat.  In the old days this creamy broth was called "3 day bones" - creamy because of a higher level of collagen and marrow.  

Article reprinted with permission from Cognitune Health

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